Rebuilding Your Credit Frequently Asked Questions

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We understand how hard life can be. We know that sometimes things are unpreventable. Here at Sports & Imports, our goal is to make your car experience buying less stressful. Our buy here, pay here financing can help you do that by giving you a way to rebuild your credit while driving a car that you love

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We are the bank, and we help people rebuild their credit. As long as you have stable income and stable residency, we can help you get behind the wheel of a car. Since we do our financing on site as a buy here, pay here dealership, we have complete control of who is approved. We'll help you find a car you love and rebuild your credit in the process. By getting a vehicle you can afford and making your payments on time, you'll help your credit score improve!

We understand life's complications, and we have helped several recent divorcees get back on the right path to credit repair. Since we're the bank here at our buy here, pay here dealership, we can get you approved for financing and on the road in a great vehicle, no matter your marital situation.

Having good credit can affect your future in many different ways. Buying a house, getting a job, and starting a buisness all depend on good credit sometimes. Purchasing a house is one of the greatest investments you can make in your own future. It's also one of the most difficult ones to achieve if you don't have a good credit score. You may not now running credit checks on prospective employees prior to hiring them. And if you're thinking about starting a business and need a business loan, guess what

Your credit score and history will factor into your eligibility for small business financing. Regardless of whether you're starting a business from scratch or trying to get the funds to expand, your individual credit score will affect your ability to get a loan for your business. It's great to have the ability to improve your credit score while driving a car you love!


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